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About our SHOP

Our salon is located in the center of Pécs, yet in a quiet, peaceful environment ... easy parking was also important. In our atelier, we welcome anyone to try on clothes and adjust their size! You can also come with helper - family, friends, but it is important not to overdo it, just bring the 2-3 people with you who can really help!

Our services are already available in Budapest! It is true that we do not have large-scale adjustments and reconciliations here all the time, but we always meet you in Pécs for the first time!

VIP rehearsals:

If the first rehearsal and defining experience is important for you and your companions, we will be happy to help make it magical and unforgettable, with drinks, champagne, delicious snacks and dessert, paying special attention to you!


Új címünk Pécsett: Köztársaság tér 4.  1. emelet


Our designer

KozaricsViktorDress is a young brand, our designer has been creating our own collections for our salon since 2016, we can already boast more than 4 of our own wedding dress collections, several casual dresses and one Jeans collection.

The sshop has been operating since 2008, previously we also deal with the distribution of clothes of European wedding dress designers and brands, now we also deal with tailoring our own collections in the field of both suits and women's clothes!

Our designer Viktor's passion for fashion and tailoring, sewing and design can be linked to his childhood! He got his basics from his paternal grandmother, but he kept educating and training himself. Among the techniques, French tailoring is his favorite, and he feels most at home in this as well.

In addition to several self-organized fashion shows, his work has been featured in several wedding magazines, he has been involved in costume design and the costumes of two large-scale dancers. In 2020, he also debuted at two international fashion weeks. He also made his debut among the 100 designers of Aspara Fashion Week embracing Asia, which could be seen on four continents. Riga Fashion Week and United Fashion Week were chosen as one of the 9 best European designers. Since 2020, our designer has been a member of the Hungarian Fashion League Association, and together with them he is also an enthusiastic supporter of Sustainable Fashion.

Viktor also pays special attention to the brides' own needs, so in addition to the collections, you can also meet him and ask for his help in realizing your own ideas.

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