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Kozarics Viktor Bridal Dress

The #kozaricsviktordress collections have been available since 2017 , you can try them in our salon!

In addition to the wedding dress collection of more than 100 pieces, it is also possible to make them to a custom size based on your own ideas, with the help of our designer! The models of the collection can be rented, as well as requested and purchased for individual making!

Avaiable collections!

A romantika 2023 évben került leginkább előtérbe az új kollekcióba, de továbbra is nőies és szexi vonalak jellemzik a tervező munkáját!


Lágy színek jellemzik a kollekciót, talán a te kedvenced is lesz...

A tiszta és lágy vonalak, valamint a csillogás határozza meg leginkább!


The Zsolnay Cultural Center in Pécs provided the venue for our shooting. The special room of Julia Zsolnay ... This collection tells a bit about this too!


Italy, Velene, the island of Lido enchanted us! An airy, light wind blew the ruffles of the skirts high ...


The old town and the beach of Sibenik served as a venue for our autumn photography, dresses not  created only for beach weddings!


It was our big dream to show what a metropolis bride is like! We took photos in the busy and bustle of Pécs ...

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