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by Kozarics Viktor

by Kozarics Viktor

City Collection

The city collection was taken in the heart of Pécs, and we are proud of the photos taken at the famous, well-known or less well-known places of our choice in the city! We live in Pécs, we work in Pécs and we love the city!


It was important for us to have this collection photographed here, because the city is our part and we are proud to work here and we are from Pécs!


The models in the collection are, of course, the wedding pieces created and designed by kozaricsviktordress and her team! Lightness, airiness and clean lines characterize the clothes! In many cases, hand-sewn laces and hand-beaded laces adorn the clothes, but the most discerning thing was that we took inspiration from the materials, and this is where the design started ...


We hope that the bride from Pécs and non-Pécs will proudly wear the pieces of the city collection!

Click on the pictures to see them in bigger size, and you can find other information next to the pictures!

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